Corrosive Barrier
Penn State Fiberglass has produced an innovative Corrosive Barrier product that sets the standard for extending the life of your existing steel/FRP underground storage tank (UST). Research is proving that today’s new bio-fuels are detrimental to the integrity of the steel primary tank1and our innovative procedure resolves this problem with your UST.

We have developed a process to line the interior of the steel UST that in a sense gives you a double wall tank but keeps the strength of your existing steel tank. We offer three different options of our Corrosive Barrier depending on the severity of your problems; each of them with a ten year warranty. We can even provide a Barrier with structural properties that does not need the existing primary steel tank to hold its structural integrity.

Penn State Fiberglass is setting a new industry standard with this innovative procedure and option that solves your UST problems. Penn State Fiberglass uses the most advanced resins that have been tested to adhere the new Corrosive Barrier to the existing steel shell wall and ensure that biofuels will not penetrate.

Penn State Fiberglass developed this UST solution and formulated a team with over 50 years’ experience in the UST industry to provide our existing and new customer’s an affordable option at a fraction of the cost of replacing your existing steel tanks. With these innovative procedures, it is no longer necessary to replace your existing double wall steel tanks that have a primary shell wall issue.

Call us to provide you with an affordable solution that will save you thousands of dollars.